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Successful companies engage their employees in the task of containing costs

With the rising cost of employee benefits, balancing employee needs with your capabilities and bottom line has never been more difficult. Let us help you meet your benefits goals, your employees’ expectations and your bottom line. From custom employee communication materials to human resources tools and claims data analysis, we have the tools to make your benefits goals a reality.

Benefits Administration Services

We are proactive, responsive, accurate, and professional in every situation

CMR delivers superior client service and benefits administration, not only at plan initiation and renewal, but throughout the entire client relationship. Transparency, employee engagement, and increased competition will allow businesses that provide benefits to their employees to thrive.

Our goal is simple: alleviate the burden of non-revenue generating activity, such as plan administration, so our clients can focus on growing their business to its full potential.

Our Services Include:

  • Enrollment Services
  • Technology Support – Custom Benefits Web Portal
  • Section 125 Cafeteria Plans
  • Cobra Administration
  • FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) Administration
Benefits Administration Services

Professional Employee Education & Communication

Excellence in Benefit Plan Management

We provide effective management and communication about plan provisions, as well as proper procedures for accessing these programs. Often employees do not see the true cost and value of benefit plans until their COBRA papers arrive.

Your workforce comprises individuals of varying levels of education, financial sophistication, and interest in understanding plan provisions. We create materials that are targeted to specific sections of the workforce to increase impact and drive action.

Our materials include:

  • Open Enrollment Support
  • Customized Marketing Materials
  • Customized Technology

Employee Health Risk Management

Healthy People Making Smarter Choices

The future of managing your plan care costs lies in creating a partnership with your employees that empowers them toward personal health and lifestyle management.

We know that building a sense of common purpose and accountability is a cost effective strategy to promote health and reduce risk.

We rely on real data to implement turn-key preventive measures and manage existing conditions more effectively. The companies we work with are able to avoid excessive benefit claims by lowering the number of medical claims filed without restricting access or quality of care.

We will work with you to develop a long term strategic Employee Health Risk Management and Wellness Program that includes:

  • Wellness Initiatives
  • Health Screenings and Biometrics
  • Disease Management
  • Claims Analysis & Review
  • On Site Wellness Education and Health Fairs

Pharmacy Management Programs

CMR Benefits Group turns information into well thought out strategies, enabling our clients to understand where their risks are before they surface.

By providing access to contracts for the lowest net cost on prescription drugs, we then analyze and interpret Rx data to determine cost saving methods that will improve member health and overall plan performance.


Employee Advocacy and Assistance Program

Programs to Address an Employee’s Health Concerns and Questions

Your employees need support to resolve both benefits and personal issues. Employees may not want to go to their HR department for personal health questions. Time-consuming claims issues can take away from employee productivity at the workplace.

We handle all employee health concerns and questions in a confidential manner. The program also helps employees navigate the healthcare arena, and will also support them with claims resolution.


HR Support

We Are More Than Benefits Consultants

Service is at the core of our client-focused business philosophy. CMR Benefits Group tailors innovative and turn-key benefit and human resource solutions for every client.

As companies grow, the diversification of employee needs becomes overwhelming and a substantial management challenge. We begin with a creative road map that will anticipate these needs and deliver solutions with results.

Our team is an extension of “your company” as Risk Managers. We pride ourselves with innovative workplace prevention plans that reduce employee health risks by engaging individuals to be proactive about their health.

We assist our clients with navigating the uncharted waters of Health Care Reform and continue to keep them up to date with the latest news as it develops.

Knowledge + Experience + Collaboration = Partnership

We embrace communication and collaboration with our clients and business partners in an environment that values dedication, accountability, and leadership as the hallmark of our superior customer service.

We take pride in loyal and long-lasting business relationships that evolve in sync with each client’s changing needs.

Incorporated in 1998, CMR Benefits Group is dedicated to distinguished service – we want to be your strategic partner in all of your employee benefit needs.

CMR Benefits Group –Your link to personalizing workplace benefits.

CMRBG Services

Spotlight on ACTIN Care

ACTIN Care Groups offers small Employers (50 to 500 employees) level-funded self-insurance with no risk beyond a fixed monthly premium-equivalent.

Employers keep unspent claims dollars and they can expect savings above their premium in 3 out of 5 years.

The longer a company is in the plan the greater the savings as Member health improves and premium rebates increase with the addition of more employers into ACTIN’s pool of employers.


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